Tourist attraction in Kanchanaburi

Speaking about “Sangkhlaburi district”, the first things that come to mind should definitely be a picture of a wooden bridge stretching across the river. The bridge is embraced by verdant mountain ranges, surrounded by plants of diverse species, and covered by a thin layer of fog. The dazzling bridge that reflects the charm of local people’s way of life is named Uttamanusorn Bridge or commonly known as Mon Bridge. Formerly, it ranked Thailand’s longest wooden bridge with the length of 850 meters and the world’s second longest wooden bridge next to U Bein Bridge in Burma. Uttamanusorn Bridge links the two banks of Songaria River at Nong Lu subdistrict, Sangkhlaburi district, Kanchanaburi province.

9-13, 1991 at Carthage, Tunisia. The Together with the adjoining HuaiKhaKaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, it is one of the World Heritage Sites in Thailand, which was declared by the UNESCO during December area covers 6 districts in 3 provinces, namely, Ban Rai district, LanSak district, and HuayKod district in Uthaithani Province, Sangklaburi district and Thongphaphume district in Kanchanaburi Province

The Three Pagodas ( DanChadi Sam Ong) has been a border channel connecting Thialand and Burma

World War II Art Gallery and Museum is a private museum established by Mr. Aran Chansiri, a jewelry entrepreneur in Kanchanaburi Province. The museum was found in 1995. It is located near Kwae Yai River and River Kwae Bridge. The museum is a group of exhibition houses. There are various contents of exhibitions. Some parts are related to the World War II, River Kwae Bridge construction, personal interests of the owner, and jewelry trade. The exhibition can be divided into 7 parts as follows.

The Death Railway was built during the World War II by the labor of the war prisoner and the Asian labor forced by the Japanese Empire. During that time, Thailand was the alliance of Japan and also gave a big support to the Japanese army. The Death Railway was a route to pass Myanmar and to invade India. Japan was aware that by using the sea troop to fifth with England, their armies wouldbe attacked by the alliances. From this reason, they decided to build this railway. The railway was named after the event in The Death Railway starts from NongPladuk station, Amphur Baanpong, Ratchaburi to Kanchanaburi crossing the Kwai Yai River to the west, passing Chedi Sam-Ong to the destination at Thanbyuzayat in Myanmar, which is 415 kilometers altogether with 37 stops. This railway was

Erwan waterfall the most beautiful waterfall with 7 levels in Kanchanaburi. 65 km.

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